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Client Testimonials

- Brilliant, so helpful with an urgent issue. Really helpful and reassuring

- Very punctual, very informative, very fair and very accommodating. No complaints.

- Although a relatively simple process was required, you did this in a professional and timely way. I had confidence that you knew this area very well in terms of expertise.

- This was the perfect service, efficient, timely and ultimately helped me resolve my issue to my advantage.

- At the time I wrote a letter indicating how pleased I was with the service I received. Would certainly recommend the firm to colleagues/friends. Thank you.

- It was the first time I had ever had to deal with anything legal and my lawyer was absolutely brilliant. Friendly, good communication, explanations and a fantastic attitude to what she was there to do. Congratulations to ThomasMansfield for employing her

- Kirsty Lewis was very helpful and clearly understood our requirements and provided excellent advice to avoid a tribunal with our previous employer

- I was very impressed with the advice and the service received. Quite frankly, I didn’t realise that that quality of advice was available in Croydon. Well done!

- Very professional, honest and fair.

- Contacting ThomasMansfield was the best thing I did in my redundancy. They was excellent. 100% recommend them to any other redundant employee

- Your representative was very efficient and ran me through the entire process of being made redundant very well.

- Very happy with service

- I was very pleased with the way your representative explained and carried out the relevant work and the polite manner.

- The most important aspect to my case was clear legal information and guidance both of which were outstanding

Client Testimonials

"I am very satisfied [with Thomas Mansfield]. It goes back to the need for practical solutions. When I talk to them they will go back to the law and how it’s interpreted and give us practical feedback on making valuable judgements for our business. A lot of the time you’re trying to define exposure and risk, and a lot of solicitors will say ‘it can be this or this or this’. It’s hard to get a really good, clear assessment of your risk. That’s not the case at Thomas Mansfield. The fact that Neill’s dealt with so many cases has given us the confidence in his judgement of the risks we face. They’re very proactive; they come back to me quickly; they’re very approachable; they’re contactable out of office hours – that’s very useful when some of these issues come up quickly or you have to deal with them quickly. And their follow-through’s good; we get a timely response and timely solutions."

Terry Sullivan, BCM Construction