Meseret Kumulchew VS Starbucks

ImagegenWe are pleased to confirm that Jenna Ide, Associate Solicitor, at Thomas Mansfield Solicitors Limited represented Meseret Kumulchew in her successful case against Starbucks. The tribunal hearing lasted 8 days in September 2015. Meseret was represented at the hearing by Rajiv Bhatt of Cloisters. The judgment was given in December 2015 and can be found here Meseret continues to be employed by Starbucks. Contrary to comments elsewhere, we do not believe this case will lead to a “deluge” of claims by dyslexic employees if employers take note and ensure that they take the necessary steps to provide reasonable adjustments, including dyslexia awareness training for management. Jenna Ide is very well placed to advise employers on reasonable adjustments for dyslexic employees or employees requiring the same. However, any dyslexic employees who are facing difficulties at work should act quickly as there are short time limits in the employment tribunals; claims must generally be brought within 3 months minus one day of the discriminatory act/failure, although there are limited circumstances in which the time limit can be extended.