Can employers legally microchip their staff?

The possibility of businesses microchipping their employees on a mass scale has been a hot topic for at least five years, ever since a Wisconsin company grabbed headlines in 2017 for chipping about 50 volunteer employees. The basic technology is simple, and there are countries, such as Sweden, where personal microchips have taken off to […]

Is foregoing procedure ever a good idea?

As an employment lawyer, I spend lots of time scrutinising the finer details of decisions taken by companies. There are almost always grey areas, with room for both sides to put forward credible cases. But even some cut and dried unlawful actions don’t entice admissions from those in the wrong. Not so in the case […]

How can employers best manage obesity in the workplace?

The condition affects nearly a third of adults and isn’t classed as a disability, but as Kate Brown explains, firms can still be liable for discrimination claims if they don’t handle it properly Around 30 per cent of adults in England are considered clinically obese. The effects of the condition are complex and can give rise to […]

Thomas Mansfield takes to the streets in support of the London Legal Support Trust

Staff at Thomas Mansfield Solicitors are participating in not one, but three 10km Legal Walks in May and June, in support of The London Legal Support Trust, an independent charity that raises funds for free legal services in London & the South East. The Legal Walks are just one of several fundraising events organised by […]

Thomas Mansfield recognised as “best business” at the Times Business Awards

Thomas Mansfield Solicitors has been announced as the winner of the best business 26+ employees category at the Times of Tunbridge Wells Awards 2022. Neill Thomas, Emma Howlett and Anthony Kiernan represented the firm with a submission showcasing the range of initiatives which have contributed to the firm’s consistent growth and strong financial performance. Thomas […]

Should my business switch to a four-day week?

Spend less time at work and get more work done. A crazy contradiction? Or the way things should be for UK workers? Public focus on the idea of a four-day week has ramped up, with news in January that a six-month pilot programme is set to begin in the UK this summer. The idea is […]

IWD: key updates to women’s employment rights in 2021-2022

The focus of this year’s International Women’s Day was on breaking biases and creating a world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. One of this year’s missions for the day was to forge inclusive work cultures where women’s careers thrive, and their achievements are celebrated. In acknowledgement of this, employment solicitor Kate Brown gives a […]

Employers should learn from NatWest’s mistakes

The Equality Act 2010 provides that certain medical conditions, including cancer, HIV infection and multiple sclerosis, are disabilities. Aside from the moral imperative, Adeline Willis’s case against NatWest subsidiary Royal Bank of Scotland serves as a salutary reminder to employers of the cost of getting this wrong. Willis had worked successfully for the bank since […]

Flexible working – the hot topic for 2022

In an article for London Business Matters, the official publication of London’s Chamber of Commerce, Jonathan Mansfield discusses the increasing importance of flexible working. The issue of flexible working is attracting attention in public discussion. It is also giving rise to more and more legal claims. Research by a law firm, G. Q. Littler, reported in […]