Can a well-run grievance procedure prevent an employee ‘going rogue’?

While many people would have been delighted to hear the news that Donald Trump’s twitter account was taken off air for 11 minutes a couple of weeks ago by an employee as she was leaving, further reflection might raise concerns. Imagine if one of your employees decided to take similar action. How could this damage […]

Employment Status – Confusion or Clarity?

The EAT recently upheld the Employment Tribunal’s decision in the Uber case, confirming that Uber drivers are workers and not self-employed. A week later, in response to an application that the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) be recognised by Deliveroo for collective bargaining purposes, the Central Arbitration Committee determined that Deliveroo couriers are […]

Winning the Recruitment Game

The Brexit vote and subsequent uncertainty about the status of EU nationals currently working in the UK is having an impact throughout the labour market. One of the reported consequences has been a rise in recruitment costs, with businesses having to pay significantly over the market rate to attract the individuals they want, as the […]

Age discrimination and retirement age – where are we now?

The UK abolished its ‘default’ retirement age over 6 years ago, leaving workers free to retire at any time and draw any occupational pension they are entitled to at that point. However, some organisations continue to maintain a ‘retirement age’ – so how does that fit with the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 and […]

Holiday Pay – ten things you need to know

British Gas has been refused leave to appeal to the Supreme Court in its long running litigation with Mr Lock relating to the calculation of statutory holiday pay, so we thought it was about time for a look at statutory holiday pay and a recap of the main points to be aware of. 1.A ‘health […]

Attitudes to organisational change – grounds for a fair dismissal?

With many organisations, both public and private, under pressure, the reorganisation has become common place. Drives for efficiency, and attempts to weather the storms of austerity, deal with fluctuating markets, and relieve pressures on resources can all contribute towards a decision to undertake a reorganisation. The changes which a reorganisation will entail can leave employees […]

Indirect Discrimination – has anything changed after Essop & Naeem?

Earlier in the year, we looked at some of the important cases due for decisions in 2017. The Supreme Court recently handed down its decision in 2 of the cases we mentioned in that blog, Essop and Naeem. Both cases concern indirect discrimination. Time for a round up and a look at whether this brings […]

What will Brexit and the Great Repeal Bill mean for Employment Law?

Given that much of the UK’s current employment law is derived from EU legislation, we look at what BREXIT will mean for workers’ rights and the employment landscape in general. Leaving aside the possibility of any more surprises that 2017 (and the forthcoming General Election) may throw at us, Article 50 has been triggered and […]

Dress codes in the workplace – what’s the position?

As workplace culture has become more relaxed over the years, with the introduction of flexible working, more hot desking, working from home, dress down Fridays all becoming more common place, you might be forgiven for thinking that what you wore to work was no longer a matter of any concern. However, a cursory glance through […]