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TUPE: Single employee can amount to an organised grouping

Meredith Hurst Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The term 'organised grouping' in TUPE suggests that more than one employee must be dedicated to a service provision. Not so, says the Court of Appeal in Rynda (UK) Ltd v Rhijnsburger [2015].

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The perks of old age?

Meredith Hurst Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Can the removal of perks amount to indirect age discrimination? If so, can it be justified? Solicitor Julie Goodway has the answers. According to the recent decision of the Employment Appeal Tribunal in the two claims against HCL Insurance BPO Services Limited, the answer to both questions is 'yes'. Background Many of the staff at HCL had been transferred to it under TUPE from various companies.  As a result, the staff had different terms and conditions.  These differences...

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