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HR Consultancy

Obviously not all employment issues require heavyweight legal advice. But, whether you are an SME or a large multi-national, seeking advice from qualified HR professionals is likely to be something you need to do on a more or less regular basis. Perhaps you need someone to fill the gap until you are able recruit a new member of staff, or perhaps you need some additional help with redundancies or expansion, or with a disciplinary hearing, a grievance process or a mediation. Getting the right support at the right time can ensure that everything progresses smoothly and you don't expose yourself to any unnecessary risks.

General HR assistance - in addition to expert employment law advice - is something that we now provide in response to feedback from our clients, who told us that it would save them time and money to be able to come to us as a 'one stop shop' for comprehensive advice on all employment issues. As you would expect from ThomasMansfield, our HR consultancy service offers experts who have years of professional experience coupled with an abundance of common sense.



We can provide practical and cost-effective assistance on almost all HR and employment matters, including:

  • Preparation of terms and conditions of employment.
  • Drafting workplace policies.
  • Assisting with redundancy situations.
  • Holiday/sickness cover for your existing HR professionals.
  • Special project work.
  • Disciplinary, appeal and grievance situations.
  • Recruitment and selection panels.
  • Delivery of training
  • Mediation

If you have a specific HR requirement or would like to find out more about how we can help you, then please contact Neill Thomas on 020 7426 4916 or email [email protected] 

Client Testimonials

"I think they [Thomas Mansfield] come across as very professional. It’s about the depth of knowledge and the support they can offer; they have a good paperwork system and give good practical advice. The thing I’d say is that, some other firms sound great on the tin but you’ve got to ask yourself do they actually deliver the goods? Their advice is always good. They’re easy to speak to; you never get the feeling you’re talking to prima donnas or arrogant people who aren’t interested. They have even called me back proactively saying ‘thinking about it why don’t you do, this?’ I haven’t had much need for help but when I have they are easy to reach - contactability is good, the advice is practical and the individuals are people we’re comfortable with and inspire confidence."

Stuart Guinea, Plane Catering Ltd