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Equality is good for business

In a speech at the Policy Exchange, the chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission(EHRC) Trevor Phillips said that the EHRC will change its approach to tackling discrimination. Mr Phillips said that the EHRC had previously intervened in cases retrospectively, a process which he described as “slow, overly legalistic and wholly inadequate”. Instead, the EHRC will take a “more systemic and preventative course” as well as examining discrimination from a scientific, rather than a political perspective. Mr Phillips said that the EHRC will conserve its legal expenses to focus only on “the Really Bad Guys, like the BNP”. Mr Phillips also said that the EHRC will attempt to improve employers’ attitudes towards the Equality Act 2010 and to increase their confidence that taking on women, older, minority and disabled staff would not cost them more. Equality he said,should not be seen as a burden on society or a claim for special treatment. Rather, it is about “doing the right thing” and should have a positive andnot a negative effect on competitive advantage read why equality is essential to economic recovery