Thomas Mansfield Employment Law Webinar

Practical tips for handling grievances and investigations at work

17 November 2022, 10:00–11:00

Webinar Information:

In this webinar our panel of experts discuss practical tips for handling grievances and investigations at work and explore the ways in which the pandemic has impacted this area of employment law. We will focus on:

  • What is a grievance and why it is important to deal with them, for example allegations of discrimination or whistleblowing
  • How to conduct an investigation
  • The importance of having a disciplinary policy and procedure
  • The relevance and applicability of the Acas Code of Practice
  • Top tips for conducting an investigation and grievance hearing
  • The serial, frivolous or vexatious grievance
  • When protected and without prejudice conversations might be appropriate, for example where there is an irretrievable breakdown in the relationship

This webinar will be relevant to HR professionals, in-house lawyers and senior managers.

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