Has the WFH bubble burst?

Six months or so ago, there were predictions of widespread downsizing in commercial property. Businesses that had always seen the office as the beating heart of their operation would move towards a model built around remote working and greater flexibility for employees. Business premises would become a fraction of their former size, or obsolete. That’s […]

Pitfalls of the disciplinary process during the pandemic

In his article for People Management, founding partner Jonathan Mansfield discusses major pitfalls of dealing with employee misconduct, an issue amplified by the pandemic. He also reminds about the key principles to the hearing process and warns against careless attitude to managing virtual disciplinaries. “Some of the worst problems have arisen because of the ill-judged […]

Can employers demand staff disclose Covid 19 Jab Status?

There is an ongoing debate in government and legal circles about whether employees can be required to have a Covid-19 jab.  Some employers are already considering whether to require employees to provide information about their Covid vaccination status as part of their risk assessment. Employers need to bear in mind the risk of complaints being […]

Settling employment disputes

There are a number of situations where an employer will consider settling with an employee. In exchange for some benefit, in most cases a cash settlement, the employee is asked to enter a binding agreement.  This might arise where there are shortcomings in the employee’s performance, organisational changes or simply a clash of personalities.  Capability, […]

Asleep with one eye wide open

Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to the hard work and dedication of care workers across the country, it seems that the law hasn’t quite caught up. On 19 March 2021, the Supreme Court handed down its long-awaited judgement in Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake and Shannon v Rampersad and another (t/a Clifton […]

Supreme Court rules sleep-in care workers get minimum wage only when awake

The Supreme Court ruled this morning on the landmark case of Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake and John Shannon v Jaikishan and Prithee Rampersad (Trading as Clifton House Residential Home) UK SC 2018/0161. The case is about whether some of the lowest paid care workers in the country should be entitled to the National Minimum […]

Supreme Court’s Ruling On Uber Drivers

On 19 February, the Supreme Court upheld the lower courts’ decisions that Uber drivers were workers. The company now faces the prospect of making retrospective payments to its workers. Moreover, the ramifications of this ruling are likely to extend to other businesses that operate in a similar way. According to the law firm representing more […]

Stale equal opportunities training

A “relatively small” employer in the case of Allay (UK) Limited v Mr Gehlen has lost out on the chance to use a type of “get out of jail free card” in the form of the “reasonable steps defence” to a race harassment claim because its equal opportunities training provided to its employees was “stale”. […]