Reviewing Workplace Legalities As Second Lockdown Begins

Meredith Hurst, partner in the employment law department, reviews workplace legalities in his guest feature for WealthBriefing, a leading information source for the global wealth management sector. He updates businesses on the Job Support Scheme while lamenting that requests for advice about collective redundancy are still on the rise. It is not all doom and […]

The Effect of COVID-19 On Hidden Disabilities

Meredith Hurst, partner in the employment law department, considers the effects of COVID-19, in particular multiple challenges of remote working and the risks of coming back to the physical workplace, on people with hidden disabilities and their employers. In his article published by HR Magazine, he stresses that while it may not be easy to […]

Disciplinary Issues Around Covid

With most of us at pains to do the responsible thing when it comes to minimising the spread of Covid-19, perceived breaches of rules by others can be a problem. In work, as much as anywhere else, tensions are created when people feel those around them are not doing as they should. And with huge […]

Protecting Confidentiality

Key steps employers can take to protect their valuable information. With many more businesses now based on knowledge and information than on manufacturing and physical assets, and with information increasingly stored electronically and across multiple devices and systems, building in protection for your confidential information is vital to consider when evaluating your business and especially […]

Protecting Your Business From Ex-Employees

An important challenge for employers is how to protect the business from former employees. While working for the firm, employees may acquire knowledge of confidential information of a strategic or technical nature. They may also develop close relationships with clients and key colleagues. Can these valuable assets be protected at all? The starting point for […]

How has coronavirus changed the role of HR?

Allison Crabtree, solicitor in the employment law department, explores the ways in which the pandemic has affected people professionals’ responsibilities and priorities. In her article for People Management Allison writes that “Covid has fast-tracked emerging issues that many organisations, especially SMEs, were just beginning to address.” She also discusses the challenges now facing HR functions […]

Managing Employee Benefits In a Changing World

In his article for Employee Benefits, Jonathan Mansfield, partner in the employment law department at Thomas Mansfield, considers the ways in which an increasing number of businesses will be looking to maximise flexibility in the range of benefits offered to employees following the pandemic. Jonathan believes that “those which aim to attract and retain the […]

Disclosing Wrongdoing At Work: How Are Workers Protected?

The term “whistleblowing” is used where someone tells their employer (or in appropriate circumstances someone else such as a regulator) something they believe to be unlawful is taking place in the workplace. Research has indicated that there has been an increase in disclosure of alleged wrongdoing to the financial conduct in the past year. Whistleblowing […]

Hidden Disabilities in the Workplace

If an employee were to break his/her leg, an employer would straight away know how to deal with the situation including what to say, for example, “Get better soon!”  However, when it comes to “hidden disabilities” employers are often left wondering what to say or do.  There also tend to be a lot of myths […]