Thomas Mansfield Employment Law Webinar

Employment claims and compensation – how at risk is your business?

7 July 2022, 10:00–11:00

Webinar Information:

In this webinar our employment experts discuss how employers can minimise the risks of Employment Tribunal claims. With reference to recent case studies we demonstrate the importance of having a clear understanding of the potential awards that could be made by the Tribunal. We will focus on:

  • How is the basic award calculated?
  • How is the compensatory award calculated?
  • What can increase or reduce a compensatory award?
  • Is an order for re-instatement possible or likely?
  • How is the approach to financial loss different in discrimination cases?
  • When can injury to feelings be awarded and how is it calculated?
  • Can the Tribunal make an award for personal injury?
  • How should you set out a schedule of loss and what should it cover?
  • When is an employer’s counter schedule appropriate?

This webinar will be relevant to HR professionals, in-house lawyers and senior managers.

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